Strategic Technology Planning

Strategic Technology Planning

Civic Direct can assist your organization to create comprehensive strategies for technology investment rooted in today’s new technological realities. We have pooled our knowledge and experience with nonprofit strategic planning generally with the technical expertise of mission critical software and web systems to enable your organization to deliver services more effectively and at lower cost.

Assessment and Planning

An assessment will determine the technology needs and opportunities for significant improvement in organizational effectiveness. These areas include back-office operations, data and network security, data and document management, internal and external communications, and staff development. The outcome will be a strategic technology plan including the following:

  • Technology Vision and Goals – how technology, particularly emerging technology, will enhance mission and goals for more effective service delivery and organizational efficiency.
  • Recommendations in each of the following areas: revenue generation, improved constituent experience, expense savings, efficiency enhancements, risk mitigation, program improvement and innovation, and business (mission) intelligence.
    • Basic Operational Recommendations - including an emphasis on “quick-hits” that require smaller investments, but result in cost savings.
    • Strategic Investments - that focus on the mission and innovation. Cost benefit analysis will be conducted on the multiple investment options for each potential investment.
  • Timeline and Budget Scenarios - the plan is written with an eye towards execution.  
  • Evaluation metrics - determine scope and scale of effectiveness of technology implementation and to allow improved management of the IT Portfolio.

These services are offered on affordable. sliding scale based on operating budget size.

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