CIO Services

CIO Services

We provide an outsourced strategic technology management capacity for your organization including: developing innovative solutions, vendor management, project management, and senior staff briefings.

Most nonprofits do not have the resources to hire a CIO or CTO, but still need high level strategic technology expertise to translate organizational strategy into dynamic technology solutions.

As a follow on to the technology planning process or in instances where no plan is desired, Civic Direct offers a strategic IT management (Chief Information Officer) capability to those organizations needing assistance with implementation and management. Many small and medium sized organizations simply can not sustain the management of effective change in technology because of the prioritization of mission critical activities.

To carry though with the education and planning, offer an outsourced strategic technology management capacity for small and mid-sized organizations through an ongoing technology management.

Technology changes so rapidly that most nonprofits can’t keep up with not only the technology, but how to most effectively and strategically use new tools and capabilities. We will provide a management capacity on an annualized contracted basis for the following activities:

  • Innovations to more effectively address the mission
  • Vendor management
  • Technology implementation project management
  • Briefings of senior staff on latest technologies and implications for organizations